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Ningbo Women and Children’s hospital is a tertiary specialized  hospital for women and children, integrated with medical treatment, health  care, teaching, scientific research, disease prevention, first aid and  rehabilitation. It is also a Baby-Friendly  Hospital named by W.H.O, UNICEF and  the Ministry of Health of China.

Established  in 1975, the hospital was originally named Ningbo Regional   Hospital. In 1983, the  hospital was renamed Ningbo   Mingzhou Hospital.  In 1985, the hospital began to use its current name after the integration of  the Pediatric Department of Ningbo No.1 Hospital and the Obstetrics and  Gynecology Department of Ningbo No.2 Hospital. On Jan 18th 2014, the trial running  of North Section in Cicheng Town launched in a new era of the hospital.

Nowadays, the hospital has 2,161 staff members,  including 346 medical and nursing specialists with senior professional titles.  The headquarters, located onLiuting Street, covers a land area of 42,000  square meters, with floor space of 73,300 square meters. The amount of approved  beds was 900. Available in the headquarters are 23 inpatient wards, 38 clinical  departments, 50 specialist clinics and 7 medical technique departments. In  2016, it accepted 2,059,185 outpatients and 61,346 hospitalized patients in total.  In addition, the number of newborns reached 14,395. The North Section covers a  land area of 66,667 square meters, with floor space of 64,055 square meters. Up  to now, available in it are 20 clinical departments, 30 specialist clinics and 6  medical technique departments and 457 opened beds.

The hospital is equipped with a large number of  advanced facilities, such as Achieva 1.5TMR, Brilliance CT 16 Slice,  Infinix DSA,  Philips DR, Philips iE33 echocardiography system, GE Voluson730 EXPERT Diagnostic  Ultrasound Scanner, Gitter intelligent galactophore targeting apparatus,  digital gastrointestinal machine, Drager Primus anaesthesia workstation, STORZ  laparoscope, hysteroscopy, MD central monitoring system, Olympus AU 2700  Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer, full automation express immunity analyzer and  so forth.

As a regional pioneer in Obstetrics, Gynecology,  Pediatrics, the hospital attaches great importance to discipline construction.  The Perinatal Medicine is provincial and municipal key discipline, Pediatric and Gynecology are municipal key  disciplines. There  are two municipal key laboratories(Maternal-Fetal Medicine Research Lab and Reproductive  Medicine key Lab), three municipal key disciplines of clinical specialty(including  Gynecologic Malignant Tumor, Pediatric kidney disease,Pediatric  rheumatoid immune diseases). Also located in the hospital are Ningbo Newborn  Screening Center and Ningbo Prenatal Diagnosis Center.

The Department of Pediatric Internal Medicine includes  the specialties of critical care medicine, neonatology, respiratory disease,  nephrology, immunology, neurology, digestive disease, endocrinology and so  forth. They have obtained rich experiences in the treatment of common  and difficulty diseases. And the success rate in rescuing of critical pediatric  diseases has achieved over 90%. In addition, they are good at the management  for the infants with extremely low-birth-weight. The Department of Pediatric Cardiovascular includes Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Cardiothoracic  surgery. Pediatric Cardiology department is distinguished for the diagnosis and  interventional treatment of pediatric congenital heart diseases. Pediatric  Cardiothoracic Surgery department is good at doing open-heart operation under cardiopulmonary bypass and capable of surgical repair of complex  congenital heart defects, such as TOF (Tetralogy of Fallot), CAVC (Complete  Atrioventricular Canal) and so on. The Reproductive  Centre is the first and the only organization so far in Ningbo to gain  access to assisted reproductive technology (ART) approved  by the Ministry of Health. It comes to the domestic  advanced level in the field of assisted reproductive technologies such as  IVF-ET (in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer)/ ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm  injection) and research in reproductive sciences. The Department of Gynecology wins a high  reputation in the diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic malignant tumors, the application  of hysteroscopy and laparoscopy as well as pelvic floor reconstruction. The Department of Obstetrics is  experienced in the management of high risk and critical maternal condition, and  the success rate in rescuing is over 90%.The  department of Pediatric Surgery has been built into a comprehensive  surgical department including pediatric general surgery, pediatric urology  surgery, pediatric burn surgery, pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric orthopedic  surgery, and newborn surgery. And the diagnosis and treatment levels of difficult  and complicated diseases have obviously improved with the application of  minimal invasive surgical technique. The  department of breast surgery provides highly specialized clinical care and  support. It puts emphasis on the comprehensive treatment of malignant mammary  neoplasm, minimal invasive excision operation and mammary plastic surgery. The department of Traditional Chinese  medicine has its own unique experience in diagnosing and  treating of gynecological and pediatric diseases. The Department of Imaging is expert in interposition therapies of  embolisms to artery and balloon dilation to renal artery stenosis and esophageal  stricture.

Throughout the decades, the hospital has had a consistent commitment to treat everyone with kindness, respect and dignity. And as we continually raise the bar on clinical excellence,  we aim to deliver the best health care in a safe, pleasant  environment.


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